- Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Assignment to Mohan Astrology By Founder Acharya Gautam Mohan

This agreement is made as of the Ist day of December 2016


Mohan Astrology a firm Governed by the laws of India ( The Proprietor ship Firm)


Acharya Gautam Mohan (The Assignor)


A    At the time of the incorporation of Mohan Astrology the Assignor was the owner of or held proprietary rights in relation to intellectual property identified herein and related to the business of Mohan Astrology (the “Intellectual Property”), which Intellectual Property was developed in contemplation of being used, either directly or indirectly, by the firm in connection with carrying on the business of the firm.


B.   Assignor understands that the Firm respects third party proprietary rights and does not desire to acquire any trade secrets or confidential information of third parties for which disclosure has not been requested by firm and authorized by such third party. Founder represents and warrants to the Firm that (a) he is not under any pre-existing obligation inconsistent with the terms of this instrument (b) to the best of his knowledge the Intellectual Property is his original work, free and clear of any claims or encumbrances of any kind, and, to the best of his knowledge, will not infringe any patent, copyright or other proprietary right or violate a trade secret of any person or entity, (c) his delivery of the instrument has not and will not violate or conflict with or result in a breach of any terms, conditions,duties or obligations he has to any third party: and (d) he has not authorized any third party to use, or granted any option to acquire any rights to or licenses to use any of the Intellectual Property ,not has he covenanted or agreed with any third party not to sue or otherwise enforce any legal rights with respect to any of the Intellectual Property. The representations and warranties of this paragraph B shall survive the date of this instrument.